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Balaji Engineers Mobile storage solutions/ compactors are terms applied to shelving or storage units fitted with wheeled traction systems. Units can be closely packed when access is not required, but can be readily moved to open up on aisle to allow access. By eliminating the need for a permanently open aisle between every unit, a smaller proportion of floor space can be allocated to storage than in the case of conventional fixed shelving, or a higher capacity of storage can be met using the same footprint as fixed shelving.
Balaji Engineers mobile shelving unit is normally mounted on a level track way (to eliminate gradients in the supporting floor), making it possible to move heavy units with minimal effort. Mobile shelving can be moved manually.
  • A finger force by a person is sufficient to move the drive train.
  • A floor lock secures the fixed and mobile blocks and prevents pilferage.
  • Accidental movement is prevented through an aisle lock.
  • Powder coated, with color of your choice
  • Used is in retail stockrooms to maximize the stock capacity.
  • Academic or commercial applications
  • Medical or government records, file-intensive offices
  • Used to in jewellery designing firm
  • Others