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Balaji Engineers slotted angles and channels are manufactured from hot-rolled steel sheets. Panels/ cladding sheets/ partition plates are manufactured from cold rolled steel sheets. All the steel parts are degreased, derusted and chemically pretreated, finished in grey enamel.

Slotted Angles are a versatile system best suited for storage of small components, bins, cartons having light/medium/ heavy  loads as per customer requirements and specifications.

Balaji Engineers product range is quality tested on various parameters thereby ensuring its durability.

Slotted angles and its panels are offer them in various sizes and gauges so that they can be customized according to needs and specifications of the customer.


Slotted Angles | Slotted Channels | Panels / Shelves | Metal Bins


Slotted Angles consist of following components.

  • Angles(Vertical)
  • Panels/Shelves/Sectional Panels.
  • Cladding Sheet for back and sides closed
  • Partition Plates.

Slotted angles racks are of open type, close type, pigeon hole rack type.

Salient Features:

  • Each loading level (Shelf) are adjustable for varying heights, the vertical angles have slots at a pitch of 18.75 mm
  • The racks can be covered from three sides. Coverings can be provided with either steel sheets or wire meshes.
  • Provides clear access from each sides
  • No welding or drilling required.


  • Engineering companies
  • Automobile industries/service centers/shops.
  • Pharmaceutical Industries/ chemist shops/ Hospitals.
  • Departmental Stores/hypermarket stores
  • Offices, libraries
  • All kind of Warehouses (Godowns)
  • Logistic Companies, chemical industries.
  • Others